In Gallery by Jen Mattingley

Bobby 6                                         Bobby Dec.'14 (640x488)

Gallery websize b         Gallery websize c         Gallery websize f

Gallery websize d     Gallery ws j    Wombat play websize     Gallery ws k  Gallery ws m  Gallery websize e

Gallery ws h Gallery ws i  Gallery ws g

Gallery ws l  Bobby playtime websize b  websize gallery

The above selection of photos are by Jenny Richardson (Wildlife Artist)


Olivia c      Olivia d      Olivia h

Olivia f (2)  Oliva e (2)  Olivia j (2)

Olivia .ws a        Olivia b           Olivia e

Selection of Photos by Tanya Lange (photographer)


Tootsie a         Tootsie f        Tootsie bTootsie c  Tootsie d   Tootsie e        Tootsie k          Yarra bubba a         Yarra bubba e

Photos by David Parer (wildlife photographer)


Gabby ws e  Shrek Bath 2 ws  Gabby ws f Shrek ws 2  Shrek Cream websize  Shrek Cream ws Shrek ws 8        Gabby ws c         Shrek - New Shrek b. p31                                    Shrek ws 6

STUART Little    STUART little portrait

Photos by Gabby Cumming (Wildlife Carer)